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My experiences with ESP8266 development

[Reading Time: 4 minutes] Reasons for ESP8266 For some weeks ago, I bought some ESP8266-12E modules with developer boards and started developing IoT-test solutions. I…
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Two tiles, that are selectable. one for predictive maintenance and one for remote monitoring

Beginnersguide – Azure IoT Suite

[Reading Time: 4 minutes] For those, interessted in doing some really awsome things with things, I recommend having a closer look to Azure IoT Suite.…
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IoT Wachstum und seine Tücke

[Reading Time: 6 minutes] [sgmb id=”1″]Der Hype um das Thema “Internet der Dinge” (Internet of Things [IoT]) hat Fahrt aufgenommen. Mittlerweile ist es in fast…
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