about Thomas Tomow

As Chief Technology Officer at Xpirit Germany. I am responsible for bringing productivity to our customers and their, but also our employees. I not only care for technologies from Microsofts stack like Azure, AI and IoT, but alos for delivering quality and expertise with DevOps. 

Also, I’ve been awarded by Microsoft as MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Award category Azure. There, I play with and use the new cloud technologies, that are available in Azure. But mainly I love everything, that comes as SaaS or Paas. With that, I am also architecting Cloud solution for various customers.

I have been working as IT Consultant, IT Architect and lead developer with skills in .Net, agile frameworks like Scrum and much more for over two decades. As of now, I support companies in taking their way to more productivity for better outcome.

As a speaker and also as a participant and leader in community groups for Azure Cloud  (one as Azure Meetup Stuttgart, one as Azure Meetup Constance) and Github Meetup Stuttgart, I like sharing knowledge and working with people.

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Some references

Overview of my sessions at conferences via sessionize.com
Talking at cim Lingen (Video)
Talking at Developer Weeks in Nuremberg (Video)

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