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When the Corona pandemic started, I changed from former Alegri (-> Devoteam-Alegri -> M-Cloud) to CGI. I worked there as a Director in Consulting Service, responsible for Innovation in Tech (focusing on topics like IoT and AI with Azure). I grew up my team from three members to thirteen in less than a year with zero-bench strategy.

But then there was an opportunity, I couldn’t resist getting my fingers from. As I was asked to join the family of Xpirit through Xebia group to support building a new entity in Germany together with my friend, colleague, and partner Mike Kaufmann, I was more than excited. Because of my enthusiasm for technologies and also for my experiences with people at all, I was asked to take over the role of CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Xpirit Germany.

I decided to take this adventure and quit CGI. Honestly, this was not a step, that you are going to decide late evening in a bar with too much alcohol in the head, you can imagine that. So, for me, it was a difficult step. Not only because I will join an unknown future, but also because I have to leave people, members, and colleagues, but also friends, I learned to value over all the years, that we worked together (maybe some of you know, that I moved from Alegri with a group of like-minded guys to CGI).
At this point, I wish you guys at CGI all the best for the future! …hope to see or maybe work again together on some projects.

Now, for me it’s time to look forward, being excited for what comes next. My new challenge is to help grow Xpirit Germany and make it well known for bringing productivity to companies and helping employees of customers and our own becoming happy in daily work life.

Btw, the logo in the teaser image is crafted with my 3D printer. I am so excited, that I just created my own swag – only because I can 😉 The material is TPU (kind of flexible plastics). The design is not as optimal, as it could be, but… it is what it is.

By Thomas

As Chief Technology Officer at Xpirit Germany. I am responsible for driving productivity for our customers by a full stack of dev and technology in modern times. But I not only care for technologies from Microsofts stack like Azure, AI, and IoT, but also for delivering quality and expertise with DevOps

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