Announcement – Tuning DevOps with ESP8266

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Sorry, sometimes things don’t work out the way you think, which is why I, unfortunately, couldn’t write this article. Technology changes and time moves on. Therefore I may concentrate on writing an article about ESP32. I don’t want anyone to come and say “Boring!!!”. With that article, I would like to show you how I implement machine learning with ESP32.

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Last year I wrote about how ESP8266 can me provisioned with Azure. I want let you folks know, that I prepare an additional article demonstrating this (last article) with use of MongooseOS and Azure IoT … stay tuned!

By Thomas

As Chief Technology Officer at Xpirit Germany. I am responsible for driving productivity for our customers by a full stack of dev and technology in modern times. But I not only care for technologies from Microsofts stack like Azure, AI, and IoT, but also for delivering quality and expertise with DevOps

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